05 November 2011

Icelandic Sweater "Lopapeysa" -VATNAJÖKULL - finished !

The Sweater is finished! The hood is done. The Zipper is sewed in. The only thing left is to sew in a nametag, which says "Islina". After that it is time to send the Sweater to the girl, who ordered it. I hope it will fit and that she will be satisfied with it. But it is not for her. It is a gift for her boyfriend. I just hope he is not finding my blog before she has given it. It will be interesting to hear how he likes it.

I at least thinks it is very nice. I like it a lot. It must be my best Sweater ever. The only thing I am thinking about doing different is the cord in the hood. Maybe I could have bought a small cord instead. But that is easy to do later anyhow.

The pattern and the design I made myself. I depicted it after the customer's wish. I will put it out for sale in my webshop as soon as I have written it down as a PDF.

Here below is two pictures of the Sweater. My boyfriend had to stand model.

In the first one the cord is visible_

And here the cord is tucked in:

I will call this sweater "VATNAJÖKULL".

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