27 January 2011

Two different projects on the needles - A sweater with collar and a Icelandic Sweater

When I was going through my wool I found the project I started before we moved from Iceland. It was a normal Sweater with a turtle-neck collar. So I felt the urge to finish it, which means that I went from knitting the Icelandic Sweater to this one now for a while. It is not knitted as the Icelandic Sweaters in a round. So I have made one front- and one back piece so far. It is time to do the arms now:

The worst thing is that I do not have enough of turquoise yarn. When I bought them I did not look at the number so I did not get the same colorbatch. It is a little difference. This means that I have to do the collar in another color than the bottomrib. It might look bad. We will see. When I bought the wool I had no project in mind so I just bought something and did not look to closely at the numbers.

Otherwise I have not gotten far with the Icelandic Sweater. I am still knitting on the body. And it takes time.

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