08 January 2011

Alva was born 20th of December and I knitted a Icelandic hat

Well, it was not long time after my last contribution here that Alva was born. She arrived 20th of December but was planned to 29th of December. So she got to celebrate her very first Christmas very soon after the arrival :)
Then I have actually managed to knit a little bit. I knitted a Icelandic hat from the left-overs of the German guy's sweater. This is the result:

Otherwise I have not done much on my own Icelandic sweater, which I started a while ago. It goes slowly forward. But now in the evenings I actually have some time to do stuff. Olivia and Alva is both sleeping at some point. But then I am also very tired myself :)

1 comment:

kathleen said...

would you knit a sweater from Icelandic wool to order?

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