14 January 2010

Black létt lopapeysa (Icelandic knitted pullover) finished

Yes, now I am finally finished with Johan's lopapeysa. It is made from léttlopi, the thinner yarn than lopi. And it will be his first lett lopapeysa. He was supposed to get it as a Christmas gift, but nowadays it takes time to knit. Time easily runs bt when you have a family. I just recently sewed in the zipper. I wanted to finished it tonight. And now it is time for bed. I actuallt should have washed it before I sewed in the zipper, but it will be fine anyway. I just wash it tomorrow evening.
Here is how it looks like:

Now I am soon going to start a new project, which is a small lopapeysa for a 4 year old boy. It is a family we know that asked me if I could do it. I already made one for their daughter, who is one years older. I have a picture if that one in a earlier contribution. I am actually going to do the same pattern. They wanted the same, just other colors. I got the yarn a while ago so I can just start to knit.

We will see if I can start it tomorrow or on Saturday. Olivia is sick so I might have to attend to here fully.


pink said...

Hello, I found your blog by pure luck. I wanted to write a private email but couldn't find your mail anywhere :) Your sweaters are real nice...

I've got a question to you. I'm looking for an Icelandic handknitted sweater, can you help me about it? Do you know a good Iceland based online store to buy one? thanks.

Beverly said...

Lina, I have just found your blog. You have done amazing work and I congratulate you. Unfortunately I live in Australia and finding somewhere to wear a jumper is hard let alone find somewhere to wear a lopi wool jumper. Keep this going for as long as you can. I feel we are all quite envious of your work.

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