05 February 2010

Here comes a picture of the latest knitted Icelandic lopapeysa (sweater) for a 4 year old boy

It was actually 2 weeks since I finished it but I have not had the time to update my blog. But now since I am at home today with my sick daugher I thought that I could put out a picture of the latest lopapeysa. She is just taking a nap.

Here comes a picture of both the kids in their lopapeysas (sweaters), which I of course knitted. The pink one was one of my first lopapeysas that I made. And the blue one is of course the one I just made.

I will soon put out a short description on how to make a lopapeysa.

There is actually a reason why I am not knitting so much at the moment. I went out to buy a fish tank. So I am a bit absorbed in that for the moment. I just bought fishes and can sit and observe them for long long times.
However, I also finished another lopapeysa. It is a small one for my daugher Olivia. I just need to sew in the loose ends, fix the armholes, wash it, buy a zipper and sew in the zipper before I put out a picture of it. That will probably take a while.

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