09 February 2009

Icelandic poncho, hat and scarf!

Now finally I can put out a picture of my secret project I was doing. It was an Icelandic poncho. I made a black one not so long ago for a friend that turned 30 years old. Now I made another one in olive green for Linnea (dad's wife) for her 50th birtday. This is how it looks like on me:

She had her birthday yesterday and she got it delivered before the weekend so it is all good. I used Icelandic wool of course (Lopi) and knitted with needles 4,5 and 6.
Then I had some left-overs of the yarn so I felt like doing something quick. So I made a hat in with similar pattern as the poncho. I casted on 68 stitches with needles 4,5 and then changed to needles 6 after the ribbing. It was a good size for me with 68 stitches but too small for Johan.8 maskor. Here is the result:

But I still had some left-overs so I made a scarf too with vertical stripes. I knitted this one with needles 4.5 and 200 stitches cast-on. I could have done a longer cast-on since it turned out to be only 137 cm. But I like it and will use it. This is how it looks like on one side:

And this is the other side:

Next time I hope I have a picture on the cute baby dress I am knitting. There is still not much progress since I have been doing the hat and the scarf instead. But now I have nothing else going on so this time I will finish it.

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