29 January 2009

Knitted patchwork quilt and knitted pullover plus other projects going on!

Now it was a while ago since I finished the blanket I was working on for so long. It did not turn out to be so good actually. Not as I expected at least, which is a shame. It became so wrinkled; the squares is not as straight as I wanted them to be even if I pinned them down before I sewed them together. It is quite ok at least. Nice colors! Here is a picture:

Olivia has been sleeping underneath it in the sofa when it has been a bit chilly inside. But before I finished the blanket I actually first finished the green colored pullover I was working on. I made it up myself as I already might have written. Now I just have to write down the pattern. Of course I took notes while I was knitting it. It became a long model. I like sweaters that goes over the bottom. I could have had it when I was pregnant. Then it would probably have ended below the waist.
I did not stand as a model for the pullover this time. My stomach is still not back to normal after giving birth so it did not look so good, I thought. It is a slim fit model. I have to wait a while until I wear it. I took a picture of it hanging on a hanger at least. Here it is:

I am also knitting a baby dress as I mentioned last time. But there is not much progress, no no. I started over 2 times since the first time it came out to big and the second time I just made mistakes in the pattern. We will se how it ends up. At the moment it is standing still since I had to start another project in between. This project is something Icelandic and it is a gift so I can not show it or tell what it is. I will put up a picture next Friday when I believe that it has been delivered. I will send it on Monday or Tuesday.

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