06 November 2008

Icelandic knitted hat, 26 knitted squares finished for the blanket and secret project on-going!

Yes, time flies! Now I am on my 32:nd week in my pregnancy and last weekend I finally got my knitting lust back 100%. I was knitting a lot, almost the whole weekend. It was so fun again.

I just felt like doing a hat in Alafoss Lopi yarn (Icelandic thick wool) so I just started it last Saturday before lunch and was finished with it in the evening just before me and my boyfriend were going to the cinema. I gave the hat to him! But I could have taken it myself if it was not so big. Maybe I will do another one for me in another color and another pattern next weekend. We will see!

Here is the result:

And here is how it look like on Johan:

I am also trying to finish the blanket I started a while ago. So far I have done only 26 squares. I am planning to make another one today at knitting knight, which starts quite soon. Time to leave soon. The problem is that it goes very slow with these squares. But it is probably because I am so used to knit with thick Icelandic yarn and this a very thin yarn if you compare it to the Lopi. So it is getting a bit boring, I must say. It was fun in the beginning but now it is just the same over and over again. But it is only 9 squares left now.

I really want to start other thing too but I will try to finish this blanket now before I start something else. I had a principle before to only work on one project at a time but I have loosened a little bit on those rules.

I actually started a new project but it secret. I am putting out a picture anyway so you can take a wild guess what it will be:

As soon as I am finished with my secret project and the blanket I can finally start something to our litte baby in the womb :) I hope she will not come out until I have finished something nice. Maybe a cute little dress. I have about 8 weeks left now.

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