06 July 2012

Two sweaters on the needles!

I started to knit a sweater in Plötulopi (1 thread). I got my inspiration from the felted mittens I made last month. So I started right after I finished them. So far I have only done one arm.
We will see how this sweater turns out. I am excited since I am doing it straight from my head. I just hope it will be ok. Of course I document what I am doing so I can make a pattern of it later if it turns out all right.

But then I got an order of a sweater with sailing boats. So I started to design a new sweater and wrote everything down in a new pattern description. After that I could just start to knit. And when I am finished I just need a picture of it and I need to calculate sizes before I have a new pattern to sell. I am making it in Álafoss Lopi, as the original Icelandic sweaters. I have just almost finished one arm. I will continue to knit the other arm and the whole sweater now during my holiday. I need to finish this sweater before I continue with the one for me above.
I have a feeling this sweater will look very nice.

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