22 November 2009

Pink lopapeysa (Icelandic pullover) on its way!

I started a léttlopapeysa (Icelandic pullover in léttlopi yarn) for Johan for a while ago, but I did not come far with that until it crossed my mind that my sister is turning 25 really soon. And I promised her one day that I will knit a lopapeysa for her so why not now. It was a good opportunity. I started immediately as the idea struck me. I wanted to use the thick Álafoss lopi yarn but it was not available in the colors I imagined so I went for the léttlopi and used two threads of it instead of one. It is turning out as thick as lopi, I think. My sister's birthday is getting closer now (It's the 7th of December), but I am almost done. Here is the progress so far:

I also just have to put out a picture of myself in my latest lopapeysa, which my darling shot today. We were outside of Reykjavik. We went to visit a family, who lives in Eyrabakki, one hour from Reykjavik. Here is the picture:

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Aire & Joao said...


Great job on those needles! Impressive!!
I have recently become very fascinated about the Icelandic pullovers. I find them very cute. I searched the patterns from internet and found them. The issue I'm having is that I cannot understand how do you reach to the stage that you have body and sleeves all ready and you are knitting the neckline.
I didn't find any video's or websites explaining that. If you know any websites for tutorials, I would really appreciate if you could send me an email aire.blossom@gmail.com

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