24 March 2009

Old project found (knitted socks) and our cute little daughter Olivia in her new knitted dress.

Here comes a picture of Olivia in her home knitted little dress and socks. She had it on when we went to my work and showed ourselves. She is sooo cute.

I found an old sock, which I started to knit for over a year ago or something. I do not remember really. I thought that I have to finish it some day so it has to be now. But it is taking very long time. I am using needles 2,5 cm and the yarn Fabel multicolor. So you get a cool pattern automatically. The socks are not knitted as usual socks. You just use two needles (see picture below). I have recently started the second sock but since I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck at the moment it goes very slowly. My fingers are very stiff and getting numb a lot. I guess it is some side effects after the delivery. I hope it is just carpal tunnel syndrome and not rheumatism. My mother has rheumatism. It will get difficult to knit as much as I want if I have rheumatism maybe. I took a bloodtest and will get the result on Friday. Here is the picture of the socks:

Then I have also been sketching some Icelandic lopapeysur (lopa pullovers) that I am planning to knit. I wanted some new and homemade patterns. Now I am really looking forward to start them but I have to finish the socks first. Then I actually was planning to make a baby hat for Olivia too.

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