25 April 2008

Quick project: Icelandic poncho plus pictures of Viktoria in baby sweater!

The first summer day in Iceland was yesterday. It is a public holiday so I was at home. That was nice. I was just taking it easy and knitted a bit. But not too much since I got stuck with this PC game Sims 2, that I bought 2 weeks ago. It is really fun, haha!

The the day before yesterday there was a birtday party for Ulli (german friend), who works with me in Actavis. I and two other girls decided to fix a gift together. My idea was to knit a poncho, because I knew that she wanted one. So they bought the yarn and I knitted it.

But we were out late with this idea so I had to knit fast. I got the yarn last Thursday and began right away in the evening when we had knitting club. Then I knitted a bit on Friday evening, almost whole Sunday and the rest on Monday and Tuesday evening. It took some time! In the end I had 270 stictches on one round so one round took 6 minutes if I knitted fast. I had a stopwatch and timed it. I guess it takes 10 minutes per round if you watch TV and chat with someone.

The result was really nice. I tried it on myself and Johan took a picture, before I wrapped it up. I think I have to do one for myself too later. I like it a lot. It is warm and cosy to wear inside or outside when it is cold. It is just that I have planned so many other project first. For this one I used lopi yarn and needles number 6 by the way.

Here is the result:

And this is how it looks like on:

I have also finished the grey dress I started on: or almost finished it. It has been lying around for 2 weeks or something because I need to sew in buttons on the upper part and the thing is that I have not decided how I want to have it. I will try to decide this weekend. You will see what I mean when I put up the picture. It is actually nice: really thick but nice. I am going to try to do it another yarn later: A thinner yarn.

I also got some nice picture of little cute Viktoria in her little pink knitted sweater I made. Here is a nice picture:

At the moment I am making another gift, a lopapeusa, which I am not going to show until it is delivered. I started it before I got the poncho idea. So I will knit a bit during the weekend, but not so much I guess. I am hooked on Sims 2 now.

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Jamie said...

Wow! The poncho looks really nice. Little Viktoria is so cute in her sweater!:-)

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